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People quote Skype ad Nauseam when talking about category changing models from Europe. It’s time for the new generation to come up with businesses that actually take advantage of the unique makeup of Europe and show that we’ve got it.

I’ve been…

Showtime! @CBM is about to drop some wisdom.

Are you being scammed by your banks when making international bank transfers? @TransferWise to the rescue! 

A photo from our shoot on Sunday! Many more to come!


Imagine this: running four ultra-marathons through the world’s driest, windiest, hottest and coldest deserts on earth. Hard to visualize? Thanks to Jennifer Steinman, the director of Desert Runners, our imaginations can take a back seat to this incredible reality. Desert Runners is a…


I’ve always found it interesting to think about co-founder relationships. I’ve been in a few myself, some which were not completely successful and then more recently working with Leo for the last 3 years has been an absolute joy. It’s fascinating to me how co-founders need to be different in…


It’s a number and numeral, following 2 and preceding 4. They often say three’s a crowd - but who ever said that was a bad thing? At Grouper, we embrace the spontaneous fun a crowd of three creates.

There’s more than enough theoretical and scientific reasoning as to why things that come in…


At Grouper, we’re all about getting you offline, and out meeting new people. We introduce our members to another group we think they’ll have fun with, and set them up for 3 on 3 drinks at some of the best bars in the city. We get a ton of feedback from our members on venues they have fun at, and wanted to share their recommendations on where to have an offline adventure.

San Francisco is first in a series of Grouper city profiles that cover interesting places to try, data tidbits (fun fact: Lower Pac Heights is Grouper’s booziest SF neighborhood!), and some pretty pictures. Hopefully we’ll share some new places you haven’t tried yet, or remind you of a favorite! Maybe you’re headed to the city soon and are looking for some recommendations. Or maybe you just want to see how your city stacks up against your rivals (but SF is pretty tough to rival..).

Ready to explore this city with new people? Reserve 3 on 3 drinks with Grouper here:

The State manifesto (by State)



Activist Craig Boehman wants to change the world, one occupation at a time.

Najla RM Jones, New Jersey mom of two adorable aspies, as she calls them, is a champion for autism.

Worldwide Helpers founder Roya Elghanian is giving volunteers and organisations the power to share, connect and…